What does ‘technology’ stand for?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ― Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible

When the first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, majority of us opened our mouths literally and wondered, whereas geeks declared that, it’s a rebirth of the technology! This wonders again happened with ‘Microsoft Kinect’, ‘google project glass’, ‘Sony 3D viewer’ etc…
But, how many of us are using this product “actually”? what changes these product made in our life? well, I can say nothing, because I didn’t find out any unique specification in these products which makes my life lift just better, apart from entertainment.

Then What does ‘technology’ stand for?

I believe, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for “practical” purposes. Here, practical means the common-man needy. But, how?
See the video and ‘understand yourself’…It’s changed my mind a lot…trust me guys…


7 thoughts on “What does ‘technology’ stand for?

  1. For me technology is something that makes life easier, it can be an innovative invention, but in the end it ha to be a product that you love to use, and where the usage of this device or software has some sort of impact on your daily life. I have to disagree in one point, the surface tablet is not a great invention, but just another ipad copy, there is really nothing unique about it besides the price


    • Hi Sebastian Raschka,
      Happy to see you here. Be frank, I saw your comment today morning and was very excited because of the fact that, I got a man for arguing with technology! 😉 But, after a couple of search, I came to know that you are a hard core fan of Apple (I mean the company :P).That too a PhD student!(of course, very genius than me 😉 ) There is no point of arguing at all 😉 So, all I want to say to you is that, Use your PhD with technology for something which can make a real impact on people.
      Remember, Apple may be a great innovative company, but still it couldn’t able to conquer the common man’s heart!
      Best Regards


      • That’s only half of the truth. In my private life I really prefer Apple, because I really appreciate the seamless synchronization across my devices. However, at work I am a hardcore Linux fan ;). The nice thing is: MacOS (since it is Unix based) works well together with Linux. Meaning, I can use all of my shell scripts and most of the binaries. Also, I can just access my Linux machine at home from my MacBook using just the in-built features (i.e., the shell) without struggling around with additional software.


      • Wow! I really loving this conversation 😉 Since you are a “hardcore Linux fan”, I try to elaborate my point of view in that manner…
        Suppose you made a wonderful ‘fruit’ ! You given the fruit as open source under GPL or Creative Common to all people, so that, people can taste your fruit as well as they can effectively contribute to make it better. After all, people definitely say that, Sebastian’s fruit make their life better! Though all people taste and contribute to the ‘fruit making’ all credibility remains in you still!!! interesting know? 😉
        I would prefer to say that technology should be like that… 🙂


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