What happen if my Smartphone switched off for ‘just’ 10 minutes?

Yes. What you thought is absolutely right! I’m neither a Doctor nor a famous person. So, usually nothing will happen, if my phone switched off. Even I thought the same, a couple of months back. But, sometimes, believes change without giving any sign. Here we go to the reason…

One fine day, after the successful release of my project, I came back to my room at 10 p.m. I was so happy because of two reasons. Number one, of course, I completed the project within the date. Second one, in fact most important to me, I’m going to meet my friend after one and half year! Just imagine how happy I was. She called me around 9 PM and I was on the call up to 9.45 PM. During the call, my smart phone smartly warned me that it’s going to die soon (I mean battery low 😉 ). After the call, I pack up everything and it will take just 10 minutes to reach to my room.

When I came to my room, my cousin’s friend (of course mine too 😉 ) was waiting for me. He very harshly cut my happiness and asked “Where the hell your cell phone @#&%! “?  I searched in my pocket and I found it’s safe in my pocket. I was not able to understand what happened within the 10 minutes of time!!!  He said many things while I was thinking, literally, but I got only one sentence…”See your phone and understand what happened, stupid”. Before I pick up and see what exactly happened, friend pick up his phone and called my cousin. He just said that “Ajith is here…” and hand over to me. My cousin starts second round of scolding…damn, come on…what happened to these people? :O

After successful completion of the second round scolding, cousin straight away come to the point. My parents called me so many times and I haven’t picked up the phone. They just “scared”, so they called my cousin because he is near to my place. After the unofficial bye bye and good night, I suddenly came to my room and picked up the phone. Damn…its switched off!

I kept it for charging and switched on to call my parents…huh??? 17 missed calls and 5 messages! Out of 17 missed calls, 14 from my parents (messages were keeping on coming…)! I suddenly called my father. It’s not complete even the very first ring. Before that my father took it and said ‘hello’. I expected the third round of scolding, but surprisingly he didn’t scolds me! He told me that, “I will give the phone to mom, and will speak at last”. Mom picked up the phone and I said ‘hello’. I didn’t get any reply from the other side except a long cry 😦 . But, be frank, even at that time also I was not able to understand what happened!

After a long conversation, I understood that, all this happened just from my mom’s imaginary thought! Some bad things happened in my place couple of days back and the so called media exposed it very well. My dad called me and not got picked up at even 10 PM, my mom starts interconnect those incidents and build up her own Oscar winning ready thoughts. She literally starts crying and dad had no option other than calling my cousin. Mom called almost everyone!

I scolded my mom on that day for these stupid thoughts. She didn’t react, but said one thing, “You will realize it when you have a child”. Though it was an ‘out of control’ moment for me, I thankful to my mom just because of one thing, almost all my relatives called me on that day, because, they were very curious to know what happened to me 😉

I said sorry to my mom very next day and then again after we become buddies 😉  This incident happened a couple of months back, and after that, I went for a marriage function of special one. During the lunch time, one old uncle called me with a beautiful smile. I went near to him. He starts speaking in a very polite manner. At last he said that, “Son, always keep something which is worth, but should give the other things which you are not using, say example, your Smartphone…”

Huh? Mom…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :@


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