I too witness to an accident!


This word is not unfamiliar to most of us.  Even though media exposing each and every accident at its best, most people usually avoid paying attention to that. This may be due to the so called ‘busy life’ or may due to the fact that “It’s not either happened to them or known people”. Well, I can agree to either of these facts because even I belonged to the same category, until I witness to an accident!

It was a quiet common day for me. As usual, I woke up at late and started my ‘hurry bury’ preparations to go to the office. I used to walk to my office because it’s very near to my room. There are many other reasons for my every day walk too. First of all, I can see the heavy traffic on the road and make myself proud to feel that, I don’t have even a single vehicle! Second, I can see the beautiful girls nearby, only when I walk 😉 and third, yeah…It’s good for my health too 🙂

On that day, my walking was a bit faster because I was later than usual late time! But, on the way I managed to keep all my ‘reasons’ that mentioned above. During that watching, I noticed a biker (a motorcyclist) who came to my side from the opposite side. It was a usual ride. Suddenly the biker loses his control! He got frightened and his bike skidded…Yes, I realized that, the bike is coming towards the footpath on which I’m standing. But I didn’t understand why suddenly it happened, that too from a normal speed!  I about to think the reason, but meanwhile my mind got interrupted with a very rude sound from my backside. I suddenly turned back and realized that, the rude sound came from a Tata safari (SUV vehicle). It doesn’t take even a single second; the safari hit the biker very harshly, very next to me and stopped its giant roaring…All this happened within a fraction of time…

I literally got shocked! I saw only the very big grid front side of the Safari and half portion of the bike (another half was under the Safari). My heart, knocking me to help the biker, but my mind didn’t listen to it. I tried to go towards him, but my legs haven’t moved but shivered. I even faced difficult to breathe properly…

As like any other accident, people suddenly crowded. All their variant voices make me come back to the reality. But even at that time, I was unable to move myself. All people immediately started telling different stories about that accident. Some people favored to the biker whereas other opposed and told that, it’s happened due to the ‘crazy high speed’. Only a few people immediately called an ambulance and luckily, the ambulance came very quickly. They took the person immediately to the ambulance. His helmet was broken and blood flooded under the Safari.  The ambulance faded from my eyesight with an unusual siren.

The Safari was on the wrong side and the biker was with normal speed. All knows only this information. The Safari driver came out from the vehicle with shivering hand. People start scolding him, but I didn’t hear what the driver said about the accident. After a couple of minutes people started dispersed from my view. I slowly started walking to my office…

I reached my office, but my mind was still in that accident place. I literally do nothing on that day in my office. During the lunch break, I came out from the office and went to the next bakery. I was curious to know what happened to the biker. Before I ordered something, I asked to the bakery person about the accident. I did not know that, the bakery person about to give me another shock…

“The Tata Safari was on the other side of the road. Instead of giving break, the Safari driver accidentally puts on the accelerator! It starts roaring and moves heavily. All he is trying to avoid hitting on the front vehicles, so he took the direction towards the right. The Safari crosses the divider and jumped to the other side of the road. This all happened in front of the biker and biker got frightened. He was unable to control his bike and he too shifts his bike to his left side (means both vehicles came towards the same direction where I’m standing!). The Safari hit the biker and smashed him within the edge of the footpath and stopped. The biker dead on the spot!!! ”

The shop keeper continued his speech, but I listen only this much. I got shocked again! I didn’t order anything but directly came back to the office. I realized that I witness not only for an accident, but also for a spot dead…

One thing I’m sure…suppose the Safari not hit on the bike, then surely it will hit me. And of course, instead of the biker, all people start talking about a pedestrian! But, on that day, God decided to take his life (may be through a siren to me…) in fact, only his life…  Should I happy for that? Should I thank to God for giving me my precious life? But then what about the biker? He was a young man like me with obvious dreams…he is a common man who has all the rights to live in this world like me…but still…Should I curse the Safari driver? By the way, what he did? All he did to save the vehicle and avoid the collision with the front side vehicles…Well; still I don’t have any specific answers to these mind quests.

Even after a couple of weeks, Still I reflexively turn back and look for a vehicle when I reached in that place…you can call it with any known names, but, I’m the only one, who knows eventually how it was…



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