The so called “Transition Life! “

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ― John Lennon

ImageChildhood life is the best and ever enjoyed life…Well, I know there will not be any contradiction to the above statement. But, my question is why we not become the same once we moved from childhood?

I strongly believe there are some reasons why we changing dramatically in our “transition life” . Of course, at this 23rd, I can express why I changed a lot…

I concern about the society very well now…I concern about the friendship now…I concern about the family which I belongs to also…and I’m concern about myself even more! Even I’m not sure whether I’m concern anything else too, but one thing I remember is that, I was not concern anything which I mentioned above in my childhood!!! Is it mean that all these concerns make me to change? The answer is not a simple yes/no!

When I start concerned more about the society, society starts “fake” concern towards my parents and eventually, parents starts concerns about me more…Before I said to my parents that I wish to join in engineering, society told my parents that I will become a good Doctor!

Now, I’m not enjoying but “maintaining” many friendship through SMS, Watsapp and Facebook! I wish I could go and meet everyone but, society tells to concentrate in my job, and of course my parents believe the society and thinking that I will get everything from the job itself!

Society taught me that, I should give prime important to me and only to me! When some one said a lie, I should oppose and betrayed him/her. But when I said a lie, I should believe that, all I said is for my fortune life! Society also taught me that, when I felt sympathy, love and affection, I should understand that there is nothing like that in this so beautiful Earth! All I want to learn is the “self control” and how to lead a better “self life”.

Well, you might be thinking that, I know everything but still why I’m not changing and go back to my childhood like enjoying life!!! I believe I can go back but only after finding the answer for the last question….

Who is this Society???