The Day I Become a Sponsor!

This is not a story of a millionaire who decided to give all his money to charity. This story neither tells you about a great man who fights for freedom and society too. Today, I just want to share a small incident which makes a miser to become a charity sponsor!

“Kanjoos”(miser in English). My friends and colleagues ‘honorably’ call me with this name! Sometimes I felt that they forget my original name itself 😉 Well, that’s me. A person who will not do any celebrations (celebrations needs a lot of money you know: P ) but surely ask treat from everyone. Usually I’m walking with less money so I can easily say that, “Oh sorry dear, I haven’t enough bucks, shall we go tomorrow?” (You know that tomorrow never come, right? 😉 ). I was happy with that life, but then everything suddenly changed!

One fine day, as usual, I took sick leave and was empowered my memory power (aka sleeping tightly 😛 ) in my room. Suddenly, I got interrupted by a door knock. The door knock continues with the amount of sound. With all anger, I jumped from my bed and open the door harshly. I thought to shout as loud to the person who knocked, but, a foul smile came on my face. The reason for that is very simple; it was a beautiful girl who knocked my door!

Sarita. That’s her name. She starts the introduction about her and why she came. She came as part of a charity foundation that focuses on the poor children. In between, the conversation, without knowing that she came to a men’s PG, she asked whether she can come inside my room for better explanation about the foundation! With a mixture of emotions I sadly said NO with reason. It eventually made a good understand between us. She said about her life and even I said about me too. I was happy to know that she took a volunteer-ship even in her busy professional life. Yes, she is an engineer just like me, but one difference. She works hard for that foundation on her holidays whereas I’m tightly sleeping on my holidays 🙂

After the beautiful conversation, the sad part came into picture, Donation! Oh come on, who sent this girl to me? That too for a donation from my side!!! I started my usual statements such as bankruptcy state of mine, etc. But she was more experienced to handle people like me. When I said that “I don’t have money now”, she said I can give as check leaf! When I said bank account hasn’t money, she said she can give 3 weeks to put money in! I really felt I started hating beautiful girls at that time 😉 But somehow I didn’t say NO to her!

Well, we made a special deal. She gave me 3 weeks of time and I gave her check leaf with one condition. I should give her money only when I satisfied with the foundation activities 🙂 pretty good deal right? She smiled and said that, “people like you giving more value for money when it’s come to “sharing”. Ajith, just imagine, suppose you born in a very poor background or was orphan, do you think you will achieve what all you have now? As a professional, I know how much you get and spending. I do share the money which I’m earning. It’s given me a different pleasure in my life. Believe it or not, sharing the money with poor people is far better than just dropping it in the temple for your personal need!”

That’s sounds something different. In fact, I do believe and support some of the statements which she brushes up in my mind. But deal is deal know 😉 she also said that the foundation is very near to me, and I can go and see everything directly. I gave the check and she starts filling the donation form. She asked and put my father’s name in the prayer list column and said with a cute smile that “God always like children. Their prayers have more value than us in front of him 😉 “I really got that, she indirectly points out me 😉 but I liked that. We gave end to our long conversation with a “thank you” and “good bye”. After she faded from my eyesight, I noticed that she wrote her phone number in the backside of the form with a small note “I will pick up the call only on weekends. My father doesn’t know that I’m a volunteer. As a girl, it’s difficult to become and I know my father won’t allow…”

I came back to my bed for completing my sleep, but I haven’t slept. I was reflexively starting to think about what she said. I did a couple of Google search and found that, the foundation doing something really good. Next week, I went to the nearby foundation village. They heartily welcome me when I said Sarita’s name 😉 I started watching the surroundings. Children, their stepmother, their village, their relationships…it was awesome. I felt too close to that atmosphere. I said thank you to the people over there and started leaving from there. While going, a small girl gifted me a doll which made up of sweet wrapper! It somehow touched my heart. I realized money is not the only thing which sustain in this world…

On that day, evening, I called Sarita. She didn’t pick up the call. I sent her a message regarding the visit and all. I also told her that she can take the money even tomorrow itself!!! Around night I got a reply that “Thank you Ajith, I knew you would do it. Keep this good heart for future 😉 . Good night”. Then no calls or messages came after that 🙂

After a couple of days, I got confirmation that the money transferred. Yep, I become a Sponsor!!! I got a thank you letter from the foundation after that. Trust me; it was the second time I got excited after receiving my job offer letter! Now I’m sponsoring to a boy, Prakash, studying in 10th class. Moreover, I am sharing my money to poor people I met while in my daily walk. Its quiet different feeling when they smiled and blessed you…

All credits go to Sarita, An angel came from somewhere and made me a human… This is for you Sarita…