About MYP!

Mark Your Presence (MYP) is a very simple, personal blog, which will not give you any special powers! MYP neither spread any ‘atom bombs’ nor make you a good citizen, but , MYP might penetrate into your heart, and make you think about yourself (at least for a while 😉 ).

MYP not particular to any subject, but for those who lead their if as crazy as possible. Since I’m an Engineer, you may find some sort of geeky stuff over here. But most of the post belongs to the so called ‘human crazy leading life…’

Personally, I’m interested in all sorts of things because, I believe that “experience in all makes men perfect”(then what about women? well, I’m still searching that! 😉 )

Even though MYP is personal, everyone have rights to mark their presence over here (even an earthworm can mark its presence! doubting huh? then scroll down and see the magic 😛 ). It can be either through comments or through any other medium. The world and words are waiting for you to MYP…

So, here lets start “together”…I’m ready for Mark My Presence…Are You? Then MYP… 🙂


24 thoughts on “About MYP!

    • Yippee…This is simply superb! It literally surprises me when I saw “BEST MOMENT AWARD“ motto (below).

      “Awarding the people who live in the moment,
      The noble who write and capture the best in life,
      The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
      Savoring the experience of quality time.”

      An awesome award which received for the rest of my blogger life..Thank you so much…


  1. ^ – ^ I really enjoy your place here, Ajith P Venugopal !

    To be honest,the first thing that pull my attention is the marine theme (something fishy), I love it , then I find myself enjoy your stories and thoughts as well ^ – ^ Have a nice day!


    • Thank you so much Yinyin! I’m glad you like it. Well, it took around half an hour for selecting my first WordPress theme and still I’m in love with it 😉 All credits goes to Caroline, the designer of the theme.
      Its always nice to get a friend like you who agree with my thoughts 😀
      Keep in touch dear…


      • haha , I know this feeling, Ajith P Venugopal ^ – ^ I had tried so many theme-previews before could find the right one,and I love my theme so muchuntil now

        Anyway,yours is truly lively and interesting, I love to move up and down to see the fish swimming !


  2. Knock knock , it’s Yin ^ – ^ Are you home ,Ajith P Venugopal ?

    I rush here to let you know that I have nominated you for “THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” , since I like your piece of ocean so well ^ – ^

    (at the bottom of the post)

    Plz sail to my garden and grab your prize , then enjoy the little tea party there , we have hibiscus tea and rasberry cupcakes for today ^ – ^

    Have a sweet weekend !


    • Knock knock ,
      I’m glad to receive this special award from a friend like you dear Yin.
      I love the way you nominated me for “THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” 😉
      Keep in touch… 😀


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